Women's Business began in 2015 as a small, Hobart-based event that was designed to promote understanding and spread awareness about the rich cultural diversity of modern Tasmania. We wanted to celebrate the cultures and the journeys of Tasmanian women from migrant and refugee backgrounds and to build understanding and positivity about multiculturalism. For the Muslim women involved in this project, this was particularly powerful as it gave them the opportunity to face misinformation and misunderstanding head on by explaining the significance of their religious attire and allowed them to foster understanding about their dress in a safe space. In fact, in many cultures it is traditional for only the women to come together to dress up, dance, sing and share stories, which is something that Women's Business aims to honour with each womxn-only performance.

Since Women’s Business has begun, we have delivered shows in Launceston, Wynyard, Sorrell, Kingston and a heart-warming 5 sold out shows in Hobart with over 120 women being involved over the past 3 years. We were honoured with the Tasmanian Human Rights Multicultural Award in 2016 for our work to celebrate and showcase multiculturalism in Tasmania. This year our show has grown and changed and we hope to reach new people and touch more hearts.

Women’s Business aims to build relationships between established Australians and new Australians, develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diversity of what it means to be a woman in Tasmania and to remove barriers, correct misinformation and celebrate the beauty of having a multicultural society.

The project had a short break over 2019 so that we could focus on launching the Pathways to Opportunities program. Women's Business will be back in early 2020. Please visit our Facebook page to hear the latest updates.