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On Accepting Challenges with Nazreat

Hello! My name Tsigereda and I am also known as Nazreat. I am from Ethiopia, but I was born in Sudan. I am new to Australia I have been living in Tasmania for 9 months now. I am currently studying at Tas TAFE to get my Certificate III in English. While I am also doing my English course my class and I run a special project called Students Against Racism. In this project we usually go to different places and run workshops. So far this year we have run workshops with police recruits at the Tasmania Police Academy, with Community Services students at Clarence TAFE and with students at Clarence Primary School. I really enjoy being part of this project. I have definitely gotten more confidence from it.

We recently had a mini training day with some of the recruits at the Tasmania Police Academy

On Thursday 6th June as part of our project we had special guests Nick, Mitch and Zufan, who came to talk about their pathways to become a Registered Nurse. I really enjoyed hearing about their jobs and pathways, because I am really interested in becoming a Registered Nurse myself. I am sort of concerned about my pathway and how to get there.

When I first came to Australia I wanted to go to university directly, but the language was barrier for me. I was told that I needed more English, so I came to TAFE to improve my English. I still want to finish this course quickly so that I will go to university. I feel like I am taking a lot of time, but listening to Nick, Mitch and Zufan’s stories and pathways made feel how hard is university how many things are required for it… but it also made me feel relieved that I am on the right track and that there is no need to rush, I just need to continue my hard work.

Zufan, Mitch and Nick spoke to us about their pathways during our SAR class time

I can say that every one of them had different pathways and by following those three different pathways they reached their goals. From what Nick, Mitch and Zufan said, nursing is not an easy career and it is not a career that you can get easily. It requires hard work and being passionate about health. It is okay if it will take time. Everything will take time, but you must be patient and take every opportunity to get the best of it. Those conversations with them did not made me feel low, in fact it really gave me courage. It is all about challenging yourself and these three people have challenged themselves and did their best to be where they are now. I would like to say thank you to them for coming in to our class and sharing their pathways with us. And I will also like to say thank you to Gini, Emalia and Sue who planned and organised this for us.

I am hoping that I will be on track for my goals too. Life is full of challenges, but these challenges are only given to you because you are strong enough to get through them. So, don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

A group of us SAR students also got a visit from some past SAR members, John and Heetham who spoke about their own career pathways

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