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March 2019 with SAR by Te Ka Myee Paw

Updated: May 12, 2019

Hello! My name is Te Ka Myee Paw and I am also known as Melody. I am new to TasTAFE where I am studying to get my Cert III in English. For my course we have English on Monday to Wednesday, Maths on Thursday morning and in the afternoon, we have a special project called Students Against Racism. I really like this project because it helps me to share my story and my culture with people who might not know about it. The fun part about this project is that I get to meet with new people. In the last couple of weeks, we have run some workshops with the police recruits at the Tasmania Police Academy, with Community Services students at Clarence TAFE and with students at Clarence Primary School.

This is me in the conversation pod section of our workshop at the Tasmania Police Academy

We ran our second session with the community services students on the 25th March and it was amazing. I really enjoyed it and I felt the connection between us, and I think we can work together throughout the year.

On Thursday 28th March afternoon, Hannah came to our class and talked about what she does and what she will teach us over the next few weeks. Hannah is the manager at the Edge Radio which is a community radio station. I am very lucky that I had an interview with her. We actually practised interviewing each other, which I really enjoyed. She likes her job and she said that sometimes it's a lot of work, but she always gets to work with a whole new bunch of people, be able to help people come up with ideas, tell stories and she always has fun. Hannah went to university where she studied journalism. When she finished, she did some volunteering at the community radio station and she found out a way to get into a job at that area. I am very amazed about Hannah's story. On that day we also did some exercises for our voice. Hannah showed us so many helpful ways that we can warm up our voices before recording radio interviews or for before our presentations that we do with SAR. I have learnt so many things from her. I can't wait to have her back with our group again.

I had lots of fun with Hannah from Edge Radio

On Friday 29th March, we went to Albuera Street Primary School to run a workshop with grade 5/6 students and this was the first time that we went to their school. We did an incredible job and we worked really well as a team. I can see that the students enjoyed our presentations and the activities that we led. I would like to say thank you to Gini, who organised and planned the workshop for us. I'm hoping that this project will grow, and more people will support us and so that we can share our stories and build understanding in our community.

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