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April 2019 with SAR by Indira

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

We have a special project called Students Against Racism and I feel lucky to be a part of this project because it helps to increase my confidence. I get to share my personal stories and my culture with people from different backgrounds or people who might not know about my culture. The best thing about this project is that I get to help build connections between all kinds of people. In the last couple of weeks we have run some workshops with the police recruits at the Tasmania Police Academy, with Community Services students at Clarence TAFE and with students at Clarence Primary School.

On Thursday 11/4 we had the Human Library come in and run their workshop for us. It was great and quite dissimilar to our own workshops. I found it challenging because there were some people sharing their stories who were transgender or gay and it was the first time I have spoken to someone from that background face-to-face. At first I was a bit nervous and didn’t feel comfortable but it was good and I learned so many things from doing the workshop.

We really should not judge people without knowing them. Everyone can experience discrimination based on gender, skin colour, race, nationality, language etc and that can really affect people and harm their physical, mental or emotional health. I realise how lucky we are, even when we don’t feel lucky. When we accept ourselves the way we are, the world will recognise us. We think that maybe we will not be accepted by people because we are imperfect in a world of perfect people but that is not true.

I hope that we can deliver our Students Against Racism workshops to many different places, like the Human Library does, because I think that we have a responsibility to educate people and encourage them to stop all types of discrimination. If we keep allowing people to discriminate, we can’t change anything. When we share stories and help people understand each other, we can get rid of discrimination.

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